Klaus Overmeyer


    Klaus Overmeyer, (*1968) is urban catalyst and landscape architect based in Berlin. Together with Philipp Oswalt he was initiator of the European Research project ‘Urban Catalysts’ (2001 – 2003) on temporality in urban residual areas, financed by the European Commission. He is founder of Urban Catalyst studio . Within the complex processes of urban change, Urban Catalyst studio develops new models for the design and use of spaces in transformation. At the interface of spatial development, urban economy and cultural pactices the office explores innovative strategies for an user based urbanism. Klaus Overmeyer is prizewinner of the national award for landscape architecture 2003. Since 2010 he is professor for landscape architecture at Bergische Universität Wuppertal.


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        Radical processes of transformation are changing the cities and landscapes we inhabit. The traditional instruments of architecture and urban planning are increasingly unable to address the new challenges. Urban Catalyst (UC) is an interdisciplinary platform for research, projects, public interventions, conferences, exhibitions and publications. UC aims to foster public discourse on contemporary urban issues and develop concepts and strategies for planners and architects.